Mousa Broch

1. Mousa Broch

As an authority in the modern world of construction, Future Dimensions decided to look back in time to see how it all began in the UK. We’ve rounded up five of the oldest buildings in Britain for you to enjoy. If you’ve visited any of these places, or know of any older buildings we’ve missed, please let us know!

Built in 100 BC, Mousa Broch on the small island of Mousa, Shetland, in Scotland, is thought to be Britain’s oldest surviving building. This Iron Age broch, or round tower, is steeped in stories, including its use as a refuge for a couple who had eloped and then became shipwrecked, and also as a site of incarceration for the mother of Earl Harald Maddadsson when she was abducted in 1153.

Canterbury Cathedral

2. Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England, is Britain’s oldest cathedral and was founded in 597. It was completely rebuilt in the Gothic style of architecture between 1070-1077. Previously a Benedictine monastic community it was also home to the Archbishop – as it remains to this day.

Norwich Castle

3. Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle in the city of Norwich, England, was built under the orders of William the Conqueror    (1066-1070) following the Norman conquest of England. Originally a motte and bailey, this medieval fortress is one of 48 castles mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086.

The Jew’s House

4. The Jew’s House

The Jew’s House was built in the city of Lincoln, England, and is said to be Britain’s oldest intact house, dating back to the 12th century. There was a thriving Jewish community in medieval Lincoln, one of whom first owned this house, although nowadays the property is used as a restaurant.

Pharos Lighthouse

5. Pharos Lighthouse

Pharos Lighthouse in Dover, Kent is Britain’s oldest lighthouse and was built by the Romans between         50-80 BC.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking back on construction sites of old with Future Dimensions. One thing we share with the engineers and contractors of the past is the desire to construct buildings that will last the tests of time.

What we bring to the equation, which perhaps didn’t exist in bygone days, is the expertise of cost management for your build.

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